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Game Plan to Create the Predicate Exchange

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

The May 2020 deadline is quickly approaching. The success of the Predicate Exchange (PredX) is only possible if we build together. Micallef Cigars created the non-profit so manufacturers can join together and build a business solution to solve our challenges.

"The desired outcome is simply the sharing of members predicates so we can continue to innovate and comply with our regulators." -- Al Micallef

Initially, you may ask why share? The answer is simple, are you better off finding and licensing predicates alone? No. However we can significantly reduce our legal expense by collaborating.

Now, let’s get back to our focus on manufacturing, branding, and selling great cigars!!!

So, let’s review our anticipated timeline…

December - January:

Share the idea behind PredX and discuss with interested parties. Our goal is to get Letters of Intent from manufacturers stating their desire to explore the direction of PredX. We are seeking both manufacturers interested in participating and/or helping lead.


Our initial calls as a group to discuss how we organize PredX and potential licensing approaches. Micallef Cigars as the initial member will facilitate. The desired outcome is the election of board members. The next order of business is solidifying a single pooling and licensing approaches for member vote. Finally, Micallef Cigars will be prepared with demonstration of how predicates may be curated and discovered by members.


Positive momentum and collaboration among members will allow us to produce our first view of member predicates available to license.


Initial PredX organization, licensing model, and predicate database up and running.

PredX can not achieve its full potential for members unless we are committed to organizing quickly and making decisions which deliver a licensing solution to members versus the classic Lobby, Legislate, and Litigate method. Licensing produces predictable results benefiting members, retailers, and consumers.

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